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Defense minister backs IDF chief on rules of engagement

After criticism over Eisenkot’s comment that he didn’t want ‘a soldier to empty a magazine on a girl with scissors,’ Ya’alon says that ‘If someone poses a risk to our lives or the lives of others – we obviously must stop them, but we must not lose our humanity.’
Ahiya Raved


Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon backed IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkott on Thursday, after the latter was hit with harsh criticism from the right-wing for saying that he didn’t want “a soldier to empty a magazine on a girl with scissors.”


“We’ve been fighting for our national home for many years. We need a skilled force to deal with our enemies, but we must maintain our values,” Ya’alon said.


During a meeting with high school students in Bat Yam on Wednesday, the IDF chief was asked about the apparently soft rules of engagement in the West Bank.


IDF chief Eisenkot and Defense Minister Ya'alon (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry)
IDF chief Eisenkot and Defense Minister Ya’alon (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry)


“A soldier receives a rifle or a rocket to take a human life, and the rules of engagement are derived from the mission the force receives,” Eisenkot said. “We do not act according to slogans like ‘whoever comes to kill you, kill him first.’ A soldier can remove the safety and shoot if there is a danger to him or his comrades.”


These comments led to criticism from the right-wing, particularly from Bayit Yehudi MK Bezalel Smotrich, who also complained to the defense minister.


But the defense minister, who spoke on Thursday at a seminar at the Tel Chai College in memory of Maj. Eitan Balahsan, said he “completely backs what the chief of staff said on this matter.”


According to Ya’alon, the rules of engagement have educational and ethical aspects in addition to operational aspects.


“Pulling the trigger in cases like that is the result of a very significant decision, because eventually, when if it is an enemy, you are taking his life,” he said.


“If they pose a risk to our lives or the lives of others – we obviously must stop them and harm them in this short battle. On the other hand, we must not lose our humanity in moments like that, just because blood is boiling. We hear a lot of expressions like ‘We must eliminate them and go crazy.’ I say no to that: No to hurting innocent people, no to creating circumstances that would make us lose our way and the righteousness of that way. If there are innocents who do not pose any danger – women, children or helpless people – we mustn’t unleash our rage on them.”


Both these men need to be removed from their post. But Bibi is so out of touch with the common people it will not happen.

” Eisenkot said. “We do not act according to slogans like ‘whoever comes to kill you, kill him first.’

You moron, this is not a slogan it is Judaism. It is part of our religion, maybe if you spent some time every day studying some Torah you wouldn’t be so stupid.

Ya’Alon please point out to us the innocent Arabs that you speak of. Thirty years ago I would agree with you but after nearly 20 years of radicalization under one so called peace process after an other. These people don’t exists.

Maybe you mean innocent like the two 14 year olds that stabbed 2 Jews in a super market today with the intent of murder. Thank G-D  2 Jewish civilians’ had a pistol’s and shot both of these 14 year olds dead.



Chief of Staff: I don’t want soldiers emptying magazines into scissor-wielding girls

Lt.-Gen. Eisenkot, at a meeting with high-school students, discussed the threats facing Israel; he considers Hezbollah the main threat and stressed importance of ethics: If we were to act in an unethical manner in our rules of engagement, it would pose a threat to the IDF.

You are unfit to lead the IDF.

How is it unethical to put a full magazine into a girl terrorist, if that is what it takes to stop the threat on your life.

The correct statement should be, do what ever you have to to stay unhurt and alive/



Leftists collecting cash for baby Adele’s murderers

Stooping ever lower, a group that includes Jews seeks to pay the fines that the court slapped on toddler’s murderers.


By Gil Ronen

First Publish: 1/14/2016, 5:00 PM


Adele Biton and her mother, Adva (file)

Adele Biton and her mother, Adva (file)
Yoni Kempinski

Leftist activists, including some Jews and at least one Israeli, have launched a fundraising campaign to pay the fines that an Israeli court meted upon the five Arab youths who murdered a baby girl, Adele Biton.

Biton was murdered by the terrorists who threw rocks at the car she was traveling in on April 2013, hitting her in the head. The youths are also serving 15 years in jail, following a plea bargain.

Adele, who was three at the time of the attack, was grievously injured in the resulting crash and was left with severe neurological damage. She passed away in February of 2015, after her condition deteriorated rapidly from a bout of pneumonia. She was not yet five.

Writing in Shvi’i magazine, Ishay Fridman revealed that leftist activists in Israel and abroad have been corresponding with each other in an effort to raise the money to pay the fines. The initiative, he wrote, came from Paula Abrams Hurani, a Jewish woman who lives in Europe and who co-founded “European Jews for a Just Peace/Women in Black.”

Fridman also quotes another activist, Dr. Dorothy Naor of Herzliya, as writing in an email that the entire affair is in fact the story of “five boys who are guilty of nothing,” and who are about to go to jail for 15 years “because of a stupid settler woman who claimed that the accident in which she crashed into a truck that was parked at the side [of the road] was caused by rock throwing.”

“The Israel Police will believe any stupid story against Palestinians,” she claimed.

Speaking to Fridman, Naor took back the remark about the “stupid settler woman” but insisted that the youths had been framed. She said that she based this opinion on her acquaintance with “the village, one of the mothers of the boys and the general story from reading about it in the media.” She said that she and other activists intend to contribute to the youths.


I can’t write what I think about these leftist terrorist loving scum, for it would be proper to use such words.

But maybe Israel instead of torturing Jewish kids to gain confessions to crimes they didn’t do, would be better served by making the world a better place.

They can start with the stone throwing terrorist, 15 years for this crime is not justice, killing the terrorist and their supports would be justice.


“United States Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro expressed concern on behalf of his government Sunday in a meeting with Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked over the “Transparency Law” she is promoting before the Knesset.

The bill would require Israelis NGOs who receive more than half of their funds from foreign states to disclose their sources of funding and identify themselves as “foreign agents” when lobbying MKs.”


“The strength of Israeli society internally, as well as its international position, has been its bedrock commitment to democracy and free expression,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO.

“There is no doubt that many Israelis today feel beleaguered, both by the security situation and the campaign to undermine the Jewish state’s legitimacy,” he continued. “However, efforts to counter such campaigns through the tarring of NGOs and those holding certain political perspectives, threaten to erode Israel’s very democratic character, and could significantly harm Israel’s international legitimacy.”


Nawi said of Arabs who wish to sell land to the Jews, “Straight away I give their pictures and phone numbers to the Preventive Security Force” – a certain death sentence given the Palestinian Authority’s policy of the death penalty for selling land to Jews. Nawi boasts that, “The Palestinian Authority catches them and kills them. But before it kills them, they get beat up a lot.”

They boasted of having passed names of Arabs to the Palestinian Authority, and have blood on their hands; and so, too, do the donors to B’Tselem and Ta’ayush. The responsibility for their torture and deaths cannot be whitewashed away.

Ta’ayush has in the past partnered with Rabbis for Human Rights – of which Rabbi Gordon Tucker of Temple Israel of White Plains is a prominent supporter  – to bring “hundreds of volunteers to work side-by-side- with Palestinian farmers during Olive Harvest campaign.”

B’Tselem, a favored grantee of the American non-profit organization, The New Israel Fund, actually defended the action portrayed on “Uvda”, claiming that “This is the only legitimate channel for a Palestinian.” What about the Palestinians who want to sell their land? This organization found nothing wrong with the PA’s endorsement of ethnic cleansing – and apparently deems it ok that an Israeli citizen worked with a Palestinian to have an Arab who wished to do a real estate deal murdered.

Those who funnel money through the New Israel Fund – including Alisa Doctoroff, President of UJA-Federation, the Jim Joseph Foundation and others – must demand that B’Tselem no longer be granted funds by NIF.”


Samarov and Botfeld give numerous examples of one-sided presentations of the Israeli-Arab conflict in the Holy Land, which are often not only historically inaccurate, but also do not “encourage critical thinking about the conflict.”

Below is a short summary of these examples by which the new Reform curriculum attempts to “reframe Israel” in the minds and hearts of young, relatively-uninformed Jews:

  •  The historical relationship between the Jewish people and Israel is downplayed. It is never comprehensively stated that Jews are indigenous to Israel; that Israel is the birthplace of their identity, language, religion, and culture; that Jews maintained a continuous presence in Israel for over 3,000 years; and that exiled Jews maintained their unique connection to the land throughout their history.
  • The overview whitewashes the centuries of the institutionalized oppression, discriminatory taxation, and violence that Jews faced under Muslim rule across the Middle East, including in the Holy Land. Anti-Semitism is mentioned only in relation to Europe, and not the Middle East.
  • In “teaching” about Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, the new course states that the Arabs who originally attacked the Jews were “no match for the well-trained and equipped Haganah” – ignoring that these Arab forces were British-equipped and supported, and were able to besiege Jerusalem for weeks at a time. It might be added, too, that the Jewish yishuv did not see great success in repelling the Arab offensives, and only when the British left and the Arab nations attacked did the Jewish side begin, slowly, to emerge victorious.
  • The controversial account of the Deir Yassin “massacre” is covered uncritically, while the numerous accounts of Jewish civilians being killed by Arabs during the war are never mentioned. Deir Yassin is where Arabs shot at Israeli food-transports bringing food to besieged Jerusalem. In addition, it is by now well-known that not 250 villagers were “massacred,” but rather between 100-120 were killed in bitter, house-to-house fighting.
  • Israel is blamed for the Palestinian refugee issue, but Arab leaders are not held responsible for the simultaneous dispossession and plight of 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab states.
  • The curriculum’s overview states that “neither side embraced” the 1937 Peel Report, which called for the establishment of a tiny Jewish state and a much larger Arab state. It does not point out, however, the differences between the parties’ respective “lack of embrace”: The Arab leadership unequivocally rejected any possibility of Jewish statehood, while Zionist leaders signaled that they were interested in negotiating.
  • Regarding the UN’s 1947 Partition Plan, the overview states that the Jews celebrated it, while the Arabs rejected it. It explains the Arabs’ objections – yet does not explain why many Jews did not accept it. For instance, it notes that the “recently-arrived” Jews made up 30% of the population yet were awarded 56% of the area – but does not mention that 70% of the Jewish land was arid desert, or that Jerusalem was to be an internationalized city, or that many of the Arabs were just as recently-arrived as some of the Jews.
  • Yasser Arafat’s rejection of a far-reaching Israeli peace offer in 2000 is presented as an Israeli “claim,” rather than a known fact. Similarly ignored is an Israeli offer in 2008 to give up almost all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza for peace, and its rejection by Mahmoud Abbas.
  • The BDS movement – which calls for the “right of return” for “Palestinian refugees and their descendants” – is presented entirely uncritically: BDS is described as having “attracted significant global support,” with opposition coming only from “Jewish organizations” – when in fact Western political leaders, major American academic institutions, and the mainstream Jewish community oppose BDS.
  • “Most egregious,” write Samarov and Botfeld, “is how the violent racism of prominent Palestinian leaders and organizations is whitewashed or ignored.”


So let me be as clear as I can be. It is long past time for Israel to kick the USA and the majority of American so called Jews to the trash can. These leftist scum are doing their best to hurt Israel and our future.

I call for even harsher laws against anti Israel NGO’s to be enacted, let’s make it treason to be a member or to support these groups.

It is also time to rethink the law of return, just because your grandfather was a Jew doesn’t mean your one today with all the anti Torah anti Israel things you support.

You want to spit in our face today, and tomorrow when the goyim want to murder you want a free pass into Israel.

Nope I hope not, you better betray your progressive ideals now and buy some guns, ammo and gold to save your sorry hides.

China, India and Russia should become our new best friends and the USA can swing in the wind, with it’s progressive so called Jews.




So a member of the  radical left has come out and admitted it has an active part in the torture and homicide of Arab land dealers. One Ezra Nawi finds Arabs willing to sell land to Jews and then rats them out to the PA police.

The police then arrest, torture and murder these people.

Calling the left a kind and gentle bunch of people is as asinine as calling Islam a religion of peace.

You hear the silence of the left distancing themselves from this leftist thug.


No you hear the left embracing him, and endorsing his actions.



Last night it seemed their was a fire at the B’Tsleem office in Jerusalem.


Jersualem fire service has said the fire was electrical in nature, not arson. But it hasn’t kept the left wing from blaming the right wing for the fire.


Now it seems that Ezra Nawi has been arrested trying to flee the country.


It is time for Israel to arrest, charge and convict these left wing terrorist.




Such nice people.

Remember this the next time you think you should try and dialog and seek middle ground with a leftist.

It seems that hard core leftist trash one Ezra Nawi finds Arabs that are willing to sell land to Jews and then rats them out to the Palestinian Authority that then tortures and murders them.


Today B’Tselem came out in defense of the practice of murdering people.


When is Israel going to wake up and arrest every member of the hard core left for treason and stand them up against the wall?

Get rid of the hard core left once and for all. Then we can deal with the Palestinians.

Government relaxes gun laws, feminist coalition up in arms

Leftist feminist coalition says more guns mean more women murdered, but are they manipulating the statistics?


By Gil Ronen

First Publish: 1/6/2016, 6:31 PM


Gun shooting

Gun shooting

There is a debate about gun control in Israel, too, but it does not revolve around the risk of gang murders or mass shootings by deranged gunmen without terror-related motives – events that are thankfully rare in Israel. Rather, it is spearheaded by radical feminists who claim that allowing more people to carry guns means that more women will be murdered by their partners. The matter has come to a head in recent weeks, as Israelis deal with daily murderous attacks by Arab terrorists, many of which were stymied by civilians carrying licensed guns.

The Ministry of Internal Security has decided, in recent days, to drop a regulation that forbade private security guards from taking home their weapons after their shifts, in the hope that more armed Israelis on the streets will mean better security against terrorists.

According to Rela Mazali, who heads a coalition of radical feminist and leftist groups called “The Gun on the Kitchen Table,” is upset by the decision.

“The world of science and research proves that as the amount of weapons in the hands of the public grows, so does crime that involves guns,” Mazali said Sunday. She rejected a statement by newly sworn-in Likud MK Amir Ohana, who said that the current terror wave necessitates giving more citizens guns, even if this does entail the risk that they will be used for criminal purposes. “There is no military, forceful, militaristic solution to attacks by loners,” she insisted. “What is needed is a change in policy” – presumably a reference to the IDF’s “occupation” of Judea and Samaria and similar items on the radical leftist agenda. “The people who will suffer are primarily women, who are more threatened by the weapons,” she claimed.

Mazali also claimed that between 2002 and 2013, 33 innocent people were killed by guns that were taken home by security guards. Eighteen of these were women. In 2013, the Internal Security Ministry decided to forbid guards from taking home their weapons, following a successful campaign by the Gun on the Kitchen Table coalition, and since then, she claimed, no innocents have been murdered by security guards’ weapons.

Conservative website Mida decided to look into the statistics and asked, among other things, why this is being portrayed as a feminist issue. Writer Hillel Gershuni noted that while 18 women were murdered with the security guards’ guns in the 12-year period noted, 15 men were also murdered with these guns, and the difference between the two numbers is not significant.

Gershuni went on to compare the number of spousal murders committed with a security guard’s gun, and those committed by other means. He found that in the years 2002-2014, less than 5% of the women who were murdered by spouses or ex-spouses, were murdered with a security guard’s gun.

He also noted that while it is true that no one was murdered with a guard’s gun in 2014 – after the strict policy on guards’ weapons was enacted – the total number of people of both sexes murdered with guards’ guns in any single year was always very low anyway. For example, there was only one person killed with a guard’s gun in 2005, and the same was true for 2009. In most other years, the number was two or three. In other words, the change in policy did not really make a very big difference.

Gershuni observed that many of the terror attacks committed in the past few weeks were foiled by civilians who carried guns, and that even the accidental “friendly fire” casualties in these events were all caused by security men and women, not civilians. He added that in Friday’s attack in Tel Aviv, the fact that most of the civilians were not carrying weapons, and the ones that were did not use them, enabled the attacker to shoot people for a long time, and then escape successfully.


Leftist, you could say I really don’t like them very much. You could even say I think they are the cause of most of the worlds, problems.

Let’s take guns, I don’t care if it this bunch of lefties liars or the idiot in the White House, who I have zero respect for and I reject you have to be nice in order to respect the office of the Presidency. I watched his tearful appeal on guns and the Marxist in Chief needs to be shut down if the Republicans in Congress can remember to be conservative for more than 10 seconds at a time.

What the Marxist wants is stupid and will not save a single person, but will make good peoples lives hell as ATF charges people with made up crimes by a want to be tin horned dictator.

Now back to Israel, let’s be honest most of the violence against woman during these years came from two main groups, Ethiopians and Russians. Both groups were having to deal with very hard adjustments to a new culture which causes stress. Then in the case of the Russians you add in vodka and it will get bloody fast. It will not matter if they have a pistol or they have to use a knife from the kitchen.

So let’s figure out something more guns in good peoples hands means more dead terrorist and criminals.

So for the left, you have been proven to be idiots time after time. So grow up already.

I don’t care what country I am in, if the government wants to take away my guns. We will have a big problem.