Be careful of what you wish for

by yonitidi



UTJ presents new Knesset with first dissolution bill

Mere month after House was sworn in United Torah Judaism moves for new general elections. Party says election results were ‘too inconclusive’; warns ‘Israel will be ruled by people motivated by haterd’
Moran Azualy
Exactly one month after the 19th Knesset was sworn in the plenum has been asked to vote on its dissolution.


Ynet learned Monday that the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism Party presented the House with the bill, demanding general election be held within 90 days.


In their brief, UJT explained that they are asking that the Knesset be dissolved because “The State of Israel would be run by irresponsible individuals, motivated by nothing by their hatred of others.”


UTJ MK Uri Maklev, who drafted the bill, explained that, “The State of Israel is in the midst of a highly complex time: The Iranian threat is growing and our Palestinian neighbors are garnering international support for their demand for an Arab state,” he wrote in his brief.


Maklev also noted the upsets in the Arab regimes surrounding Israel, especially the civil war in Syria; the complex economic situation and the upcoming budget cuts, as reasons why new elections must be called.


“The results of the last elections were unclear and inconclusive and many parties won a relatively small number of mandates.”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the party said, “Announced he would form a government that would unit parties from all across the political spectrum… But Yesh Atid and Habayit Hayehudi have effectively forced him into a coalition of a certain nature.

“This government will not be able to deal with any of the burning issues. It will be run by inexperienced people who are motivated only by their hatred for others, their need to impose their opinions and boycott minorities.”

MK Maklev warned that “The lack of governability therefore endangers Israel’s economy and security. We hereby move for the dissolution of the 19th Knesset and call for general election within 90 days.”,2506,L-4352777,00.html


This has to be about the stupidest political move that I have seen in a long time.

According to the latest polling data, the two political parties that worry the ultra orthodox the most will gain strength if Israel were to go to new elections.

This would all but ensure that the ultra orthodox will be drafted into the IDF.

Just because we want the ultra orthodox to share in the burden of sending or sons to the IDF does not mean we hate you.

As an orthodox Jew my hope is that by sending more religious boys to the IDF, we can raise the spiritual level of the IDF.