by yonitidi


Moves toward haredi draft ‘work of devil,’ chief rabbi says

Rabbi Shlomo Amar has strong words for architects of universal conscription; destroying yeshivas not solution for Israel’s economic and security problems, he charges
Akiva Novick

Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi Shlomo Amar on Saturday launched a bitter diatribe against the proposed enlistment of haredim to the IDF, branding it folly and “devil’s work.”


In a sermon at Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s synagogue that was effectively the “warm up” act for the speech of the Shas party’s spiritual leader, Amar said “the study of Torah is enjoying days of glory the likes of which we haven’t witnessed for generations. The devil regarded that with an envious eye and got in into the minds of certain people to wage war on the Torah.”


“This nonsense is unheard of,” Amar was quoted by Yedioth Ahronoth as saying. “It is as though our society is free of poverty and incest and other ills. Everyone is equal and we’re the last outstanding problem, as if Israel has no enemies and is at peace with all. There’s only one enemy left, the yeshivas. This is sheer madness.”



This point marked the entry of Yosef, who was greeted with raucous applause. Amar continued, saying “For the sins of multitudes, folly entered the minds of the few, it is the work of the devil. Our salvation is wholly dependent on the Torah. The devil instilled in their minds the folly that putting an end to the yeshivot will rid them of economic or security problems. Turning the yeshiva students into enemies, god forbid. They protect us, their Torah safeguards us all.”,2506,L-4373227,00.html

You want a society free of poverty, and other ills?

Rabbi you gain the society you desire by work, hard work, and a well rounded education. The new medical knowledge that comes out of Israel is due to people that study at university, not just the Torah.

Take my friend Elad, here in the USA doing post PhD work to try and find a cure for Hep C. He is a shomer shabbat man, with a wife and two kids. He served in a combat unit in the IDF.

Is the Torah he studies less than the Torah that your students study. Will he not do more to ease human suffering, than a whole yeshiva studying Torah?

Life and more important Judaism is a balance, Torah, work, family.

We are not the devil, we are your fellow Jews that are tired, we are suffering from the burden of Israel. It is us and our sons that bleed and die to keep you safe, it is us that are taxed at a higher rate to put food on your tables and keep your yeshivas open.

We now are refusing to carry your community any more.

Rabbi, the choice is yours join Am Israel or suffer, slowly withering to die.

Your world as an economic model is no longer sustainable.