Abbas’ hit parade

by yonitidi

Abbas’ hit parade

Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas has drawn up a list of 120 terrorists he wants Israel to release as a precondition for restarting talks • The U.S. has urged Israel to consider the request • But should Israel release a rogues’ gallery of murderers in exchange for sitting at the negotiating table?

Nadav Shragai
PA head Mahmoud Abbas wants Palestinians convicted of murder released from jail; the U.S. wants Israel to consider doing so.


Photo credit: AFP

If the America administration is pushing Israel to release these terrorist. When combined with other actions in the Middle East, we can only draw the conclusion that America has become anti Israel.

The time has come for Israel to tell America to go to hell.

The time has come for Israel to nail the coffin lid down forever on the so called peace process with the palestinians.