Dignity For Jews

by yonitidi


AG: State fighting to settle issue of African migrants

At request of residents of south Tel Aviv, Attorney General Weinstein tours neighborhoods; witnesses Israelis, Africans’ conflicts. ‘Our small country has hard time harboring this many infiltrators,’ he says
Gilad Morag

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein addressed the issue of asylum seekers Monday while on tour in south Tel Aviv, saying: “The government’s policy is to fight this issue.”

The AG added: “Our small country has a hard time harboring this many infiltrators. I think the government’s policy bears fruit.”

According to Weinstein, Knesset legislation has reduced the entrance of migrants into the country.

Weinstein’s visit follows recent demonstrations by residents of south Tel Aviv outside his house, protesting against his decision to release two African migrants, one of whom was suspected of stealing bicycle.

As a result of the protests, the attorney general stepped out to the protesters and vowed to visit south Tel Aviv.

Shlomo Maslawi, chairman of the neighborhoods committee, told Weinstein Monday: “Last time we met at your house after you released people suspected of stealing bicycle. You promised you’d visit and you came.

“We’re afraid that infiltrators can do what they want,” Maslawi added, “There is no enforcement; we can’t take this anymore. This has become hell and the government is behind bringing them over. As far as we’re concerned, they are infiltrators. We urge you to look into how you can help us.”



In response, Weinstein said that hardship he witnessed in the area was not to be taken lightly and that the government was working to resolve the issue.

“Every person deserves dignity, regardless of origin, but residents of the south also deserve dignity,” he stressed.

While touring the neighborhoods, Weinstein witnessed arguments between Israelis and Africans. In one incident, a local resident cried out at an African national: “Go back to your country; I’m fighting for mine. You’ve come to take advantage of us.” To which the man responded in Hebrew: “I wouldn’t be treated like this in America; a Jew should not be treating me this way. You don’t have a good heart.”


An elderly woman told Weinstein: “No one wants to live here. I’m afraid to the streets at night. I don’t wish on your kids what we’re going through.”


The Attorney General is 100% wrong. The only people that deserve dignity in Israel are called Jews.

The Afrikan yells he wouldn’t be treated badly in America, he is right. If he can get into America after Israel deports him good luck to him.

But in Israel none of these afrikans have any rights and dignity they should get the dignity they deserve, which after the thefts, prostitution, rapes and murders they deserve nothing more than a good old fashion butt kicking and deportation.