Jail These Officers

by yonitidi



Female soldier gets called to Torah in IDF synagogue

Female soldier called to recite blessings over Torah portion for the first time on Simchat Torah holiday • Religious soldiers at base synagogue felt the event broke with tradition and Jewish law • Will this be the beginning of a new tradition in the IDF?

Yehuda Shlezinger
Called up: A female soldier is called to the Torah (illustration)


Photo credit: Ami Shoman



This is social engineering of the worse kind.

After IDF is a place for religious soldiers when the IDF allows such things to occur.

The role of the IDF must be to protect Judaism as we have practiced it for thousands of years. Not cave into a bunch of anti Torah Arab loving liberals.

The IDF must prosecute the officers involved and throw them out of the IDF after they have served time in jail.