Let our boys shoot

by yonitidi



Video: Palestinians throw stones, soldiers leave


IDF soldiers encounter Palestinian demonstrators near village of Anata, retire from scene. Incident documented, posted on social media. IDF: Clip was edited, soldiers were replaced by others who dispersed protestors

Itamar Fleishman

Over the past several months, severe criticism has been directed at the IDF and the Central Command following photos documenting soldiers allegedly fleeing after stones were thrown at them. At other events, soldiers are seen fleeing Palestinians who have climbed on jeeps in Hebron and in Kfar Kadum.

The video presents the soldiers eventually retreating from the flash point, leaving drivers passing the area to face the onslaught of stones and other objects. In response, the IDF said that the clip has been edited.

Regarding the incident in Kfar Kadum that took place last December, the IDF denied that Engineering Corps soldiers fled stone-throwing Palestinians. In its investigation, the military said that the soldiers took inappropriate action, but did not flee and rather chased the protesters, which is not seen in the video documenting the incident.

The clip, which has been distributed in recent days shows again the IDF’s weakness in dealing with stone throwers. In the film in question, soldiers are seen trying to drive away Palestinians using stun grenades. After they did not succeed, the soldiers chose to hide behind the armored jeep while dealing in a restrained manner with thrown stones and bottles.

Driving through a shower of stones

Finally, the soldiers are seen entering the vehicle and leaving the scene, with the Palestinians following as they continue throwing stones. Those who remained on the spot were civilians who had to decide for themselves whether to back track or to travel through the rain of stones.

IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in response: “We are talking about an edited video, which does not show the entire occurrence. The initial investigation showed that the forces responded with riot control measures against the disturbances that developed at the location. After evaluating the status of the operation performed at the site, they were quickly replaced by another group of soldiers, who dispersed the stone throwers.”

Sorry IDF the video shows IDF soldiers leaving Israeli civilians at the mercy of terrorist.

When our enemies are no longer afraid and are soldiers are afraid of both the arabs and our own leaders, we have lost.

Use gas and if that doesn’t work then let our solders use live ammo and kill some of these terrorist.

Let our soldiers fight!


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