Taxi, Taxi

by yonitidi

President Mahmoud Abbas awards Archbishop Capucci Medal
Google translation

Rome 10/16/2013 (WAFA) -The President the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas,
awarded Archbishop Hilarion Capucci , previously the Archbishop of the
Roman Catholic Church in Jerusalem, the Star of Jerusalem, in recognition of
his contribution to the struggle and in recognition of his passion for
Palestine, and his defense of the rights of our people.

Born in Aleppo in Syria in 1922 he became Archbishop of the Roman Catholic
Church in Jerusalem in 1965.

He engaged in secret work in support of the Palestinian revolution and was
arrested by the Israeli occupation forces in the month of August of 1974 and
a military court sentenced him to 12 years in prison .

He was released after 4 years after the intervention of the Vatican and
expelled from Jerusalem in November of 1978 and now lives in Rome.

Archbishop Capucci was aboard the relief boat ‘ Freedom Flotilla ‘ that
stopped by the Israeli occupation forces , and expelled all its passengers
to Lebanon after the confiscation of the ship’s content.

He should have just been loaded into a helicopter and flown 50 miles out to sea and then thrown out from 3000 feet.

Or today in Rome he should get hit by a run away taxi.

He is an enemy of the Jewish people and G-d and should pay the price.

We also should wake up to who our enemy is and end the joke called the peace process.