IDF: First Druze to command Golani Brigade

by yonitidi



Chief of Staff Gantz approves appointment of Golani Brigade commander, Colonel Ghassan Alian, first Druze officer to lead the brigade

Yoav Zitun

Published: 10.24.13, 17:15 / Israel News


For the first time in the history of the Golani Brigade, an officer with the Druze community is to serve as the brigade’s chief. Colonel Ghassan Alian, currently deputy commander of the Golan Division, is a resident of the northern town of Shfaram and has been serving in many senior posts in Golani.


As deputy commander of the Golan Division, Alian was in charge of upgrading the border fence in the Israel-Syria border, including fortifying the fence, deploying intelligence measures and bolstering security posts along the fence.


Before serving as deputy commander of Golan Division, Alian was commanding the Menashe District Brigade, which is in charge of the Jenin region. According to the IDF Central Command, despite the fact that the Jenin region is extremely sensitive, Alian’s work has managed to maintain the peace, as he coordinated with his Palestinian counterparts.


Prior to that, Alian served as Golani deputy commander, the commander of the Duchifat Battalion, and a reserve unit commander with the Alexandroni Brigade.


The appointment was made by IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, as part of several senior appointments, including the appointment of Colonel Uri Gordin as Nahal Brigade commander, the appointment of Colonel Yoram Knafo as commander of the Northern Command’s artillery unit and more.


Appointments require the approval of the Minister of Defense.


Alian would be the second Druze officer to command IDF infantry brigade, the first being Imad Fares who was chief of the Givati Brigade.,7340,L-4445216,00.html


Congratulations to us.

By this I mean to Colonel Ghassan Alian, to the IDF, and to Israel.

If we were the racist country that the leftist scum of the world and their Palestinian comrade in arms want to paint us as, would we do this?

Of course not.

Once again leftist and Arabs are show to be liars.