Give me a break Mr. president

by yonitidi



Peres: Civilian deaths in Gaza a ‘moral’ problem with no alternative



Out-going president discusses peace with Abbas, crisis in Iraq, and hope for the future of the Arab.

Associated Press

Published:  07.16.14, 01:16 / Israel News
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Israeli President Shimon Peres said Tuesday that the killing of Palestinian civilians by air raids on Gaza presents a moral dilemma, but argued there is scant alternative as long as the Islamic militants who rule the strip refuse to stop sustained rocket fire against Israel.

“There is a moral problem, but I don’t have a moral answer to it,” the 1994 Nobel Peace laureate told The Associated Press. “If they are shooting at us, and don’t let our mothers and their children … have a full night’s sleep, what can we do?”

A crusader for peace spending his last days in office justifying a war, the 90-year-old Peres seemed downcast but also doggedly optimistic during the hour-long interview in his book-lined Jerusalem office – predicting Gaza’s Hamas rulers will eventually accept a cease-fire because of Palestinians’ suffering and also their own isolation in the region.,7340,L-4544324,00.html


I have been silent for too long, the time has come for me to question the stupidity of our out going president.

People make  choices in life. Do I eat that candy bar, or do I pass on it and go to the gym for an hour of lifting weights.

Do I vote for Hamas or vote for someone less radical?  Did I vote in Hitler do I have a right to complain that the Allies are pounding my cities into ruble?

If you vote for, or turn a blind eye to evil don’t cry if your children that you are using as human shields get killed.

If Pere’s was not concerned about making money and his name going down in history as a man of so called peace then maybe he would do the right thing. Go on TV confess his stupidity and culpability in the murder of thousands of Israeli’s at the hand of his friends the Palestinians.

He wouldn’t even need to go into a room with a pistol and one bullet after words, better to let him live out his days in shame.