America Friend or Foe?

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US, UAE to send $87m in aid to Gaza Strip

Washington to provide $47 million in humanitarian aid to help displaced Palestinians, while Abu Dhabi to provide $40 million for rehabilitation of destroyed homes.
The US and the UAE have pledged on Monday to send a total of $87 in aid to the Gaza Strip.


The US is sending $47 million in humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip to help tens of thousands of Palestinians there who have been forced from their homes since war broke out two weeks ago.


A State Department breakdown of the aid said nearly a third of the money – $15 million – will go to the United Nations’ refugee mission in Gaza.


Since the Israeli operation began on July 8, huge numbers of Gazans have fled their homes, with more than 100,000 people taking shelter in 67 schools run by UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, a spokesman said.



Say what?

America is our friend so why are you sending money to our enemy in the middle of a war? $15 million to UNRWA  the same UN group that has hidden weapons and transported terrorist.