Bibi Your Naked

by yonitidi

  1. As one commentator said today for the first time since the start of the war in Gaza the IDF has seized the initiative.

    The only problem is, it was a retreat.

    A retreat with big words associated with it from unnamed IDF sources “The IDF could have taken all of Gaza in 10 more days and then over the next year rooted out all the terrorist from all of Gaza”.

    This begs the question, then why didn’t you?

    Once again we gave you our best, our sons.

    Once again you made a mockery of our willingness to give you our best, you got 64 killed and hundreds wounded.

    Families will carry the void forever, for what?

    Yes the IDF wiped out the tunnels, thus saving thousands of Israeli lives on Rosh Hashana.

    But rockets are still being fired into our cities.

    You say we left Hamas in power, in order to have someone to hold responsible for terrorism coming from the Gaza.

    How about a different idea, defeat our enemies so soundly they will not have the courage to raise their hand against us for decades.

    The bottom line is this, you fooled us once again. But I pray we wake up to your cowardly games and replace you with a leader that fears G-D more than he does the Jew hating muslim in the White House.