Miracles from the war

by yonitidi

I have been told the following from a source that is beyond reproach.

Miracle #1 Ashdod

A rocket from Gaza is either not detected by Iron Dome or Iron Dome is shot and misses. The rocket is a big one that can do lots of damage. It is headed to 4 high rise apartment building that are not built in a line but in some type of way so everyone has a view of the ocean. Beside the 4 building is the shared parking lot.

So rocket is in coming on the most south building, the rocket is at an altitude below the top of the buildings, it steers around the most south building. But now it is in a direct path of the next building, yes it steers around this building as well to come to hit the empty of people parking lot just blowing up a bunch of cars.


Rocket lands on the busiest morning of the week Friday morning in the center of a gas station. 18 cars are waiting to get gas and their is a tanker truck full of 35,000 liters of gas, and right next to it is a tanker truck full of propane. Siren sounds people get out of their cars and the trucks and go for shelter. Rocket slams into the ground between the two trucks, tanks are scared with the flames. Cars on the other side of the trucks have the gas in their tanks burn from the damage from the blast of the rocket.

But both trucks full of gas and propane dont.


Female suicide bomber jumps up out of a tunnel into the middle of a large group of IDF. The closest soldier to her yells the Shema as he goes for his rifle. She snaps out of it and scream I am Jewish. She was one of the Jewish girls taken in by arab men.

Miracle #4

Start of the ground war, we are kicking Hamas ass to the point their fighters are running away. Hamas can’t have this so they start giving their lads drugs to make them euphoric and want to fight. IDF still captures hundreds of them.

The drug Hamas gave these guys also gave them a desire to talk non stop. So this is how for the first time we find out about the Rosh Hashana plan of Hamas to smuggle into Israel 2000 fighters dressed in IDF uniforms and from Judea and Samaria a few thousand more.

Israel G-D forbid would have lost at least 10,000 people in this attack.

So we see from 3 boys kidnapped and murdered that G-D was working to save many Jewish lives. We morn these 3 boys but in their death they achieved so much.

First it was their kidnapping that started a unity in the Jewish people never before seen. 90% or more of the Jewish people in Israel were praying for these boys. My Rabbi was told by a kibutznik I am praying for the first time in my life in case their is a G-D, for these boys.

Second it was their deaths that forced Hamas to act now thus saving Am Israel from the major terror attack that was going to take place in 6 weeks.