by yonitidi

Thousands rally in solidarity with South in Rabin Square

Children from Gaza-border communities give testimonials in front of massive crowed, as Israeli musicians like Teapacks, Hemi Rodner and The Blues Messengers, and Knesiyat Hasekhel perform.
Matan Tzuri

Thousands of Israelis arrived at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to rally in solidarity with residents of Gaza-border communities – who have been under constant threat of rocket and mortar fire from Gaza since 2001.



The rally was organized by the leaders of the under-fire communities with the support of the Tel Aviv Municipality, which have joined together to carry a united message: “The fate of Gaza-border towns is the fate of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.”


Children from the embattled area gave empassioned speeches at the rally, where a number of Israeli performers took the stage, including Teapacks – which emerged from Sderot in the late 80s.



Children from southern Israel prepare for Tel Aviv rally (Photo: George Ginsburg)
Children from southern Israel prepare for Tel Aviv rally (Photo: George Ginsburg)


Tel Aviv police closed down several central avenues across the city until 11 pm and asked members of the public to avoid arriving in private vehicles.


Thursday morning, less than half a day after the Gaza ceasefire was extended, air raid sirens sounded in Kerem Shalom and other communities within the Eshkol Regional Council. The IDF said it was a false alarm.


I don’t remember such a thing, people demanding the IDF finish the job in Gaza.