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US finds Israel fourth most “unacceptable” country

Foreign Policy article examines number of times state department referred to “unacceptable” behavior this year; Israel ranked between North Korea and Pakistan.
Yitzhak Benhorin

The US State Department described Israeli actions as “unacceptable” 87 times in 2014, with only three countries being more “unacceptable,” according to a Foreign Policy article published last week.



Journalist Micah Zenko searched the State Department’s website for usage of the term, and his “top ten” list shows Israel sandwiched right between North Korea and Pakistan. Zenko pointed that the US officials regularly use the phrase “but then do very little in response to prevent or deter those actions from reoccurring.”


Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the US State Department. (Archive Photo: AFP)
Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the US State Department. (Archive Photo: AFP)


Most of the condemnations relating to Israel involved building in settlements or the announcement of plans to construct additional housing behind the Green Line. Government spokespeople also castigated Israel for civilian casualties during Operation Protective Edge.


US Secretary of State John Kerry recently used the “unacceptable” label to refer to North Korea’s alleged hacking of the Sony Corporation.


The US State Department is not the only entity in the international diplomacy arena that tends to recycle certain phrases. Ynet found that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon used the word “concerned” 140 times in 2014 in statements responding to events. Israel and Palestine were the most concerning places of 2014, with 19 press releases using the term.


Idiots, both the State Department and the U.N.

Israel between N. Korea where it’s citizens have to eat grass to survive and Pakistan where murdering girls in school is a national pastime, maybe even more loved than cricket.


Israel and the Palestinians are the most concerning places in the world.


How about the civil war in Syria, that has killed more people on both sides  than all the wars and terrorism   in the last 100 years in Israel.

What about the Sudan, Congo?

Remember how the UN ordered it’s troops in place in Rawanda, to do nothing to stop the slaughter

The world would be a better place without the State Department and the UN.