I am Back

by yonitidi

Many people have requested I return to blogging.

So here I am.

It has been almost a year that I have not blogged, the world has not become a better place in that year.

ISIL has grown into a threat, and Jews are being knifed and run over in Israel.

Americans have now been murdered by indigenous Muslims.

The leaders of both countries refuse to under stand the answer to the internal security threat from Muslims, is basically the same in both countries.

The people need the freedom to arm themselves. Two or three armed people that were trained would have made a huge difference in the terror attack in California.

Israel has sunk to the point of arresting and torturing Jewish minors, over the Duma arson case  An incident the authorities know did not involve Jews. But was clan warfare among the Arabs.

I have been working on building a new business, which I will get into later.