Left- Right -Shabak

by yonitidi


Professor Amiram Goldblum of Hebrew University after the passing of the NGO bill on Sunday called  Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked “neo-Nazi scum” on his Facebook page .

A law that is a joke was passed in Israel.

The left is upset because it goes too far.

Really it only says NGO’s that get 50% or more of their funding from other countries have to make this public knowledge.

How about we grow some courage and act like Putin for once earlier this month he outlawed all organizations associated with the self hating Jew who happens to be a radical liberal.

Why doesn’t Israel out law all pro Palestinian groups, all groups that seek to tarnish the image of Israel and her soldiers?


Why doesn’t Israel do this, because we have no iron willed leaders and no right wing.



But the Shabak is very good at producing Potemkin Facades that make the right look terrible.

They are working to cover their tracks by arresting the bride groom and others.

I do not for a second think the people acting in such a sick way at the wedding were regular settlers. I think Shabak under cover agents provided the props and whipped up the crowd.