by yonitidi

So a member of the  radical left has come out and admitted it has an active part in the torture and homicide of Arab land dealers. One Ezra Nawi finds Arabs willing to sell land to Jews and then rats them out to the PA police.

The police then arrest, torture and murder these people.

Calling the left a kind and gentle bunch of people is as asinine as calling Islam a religion of peace.

You hear the silence of the left distancing themselves from this leftist thug.


No you hear the left embracing him, and endorsing his actions.

Last night it seemed their was a fire at the B’Tsleem office in Jerusalem.

Jersualem fire service has said the fire was electrical in nature, not arson. But it hasn’t kept the left wing from blaming the right wing for the fire.

Now it seems that Ezra Nawi has been arrested trying to flee the country.

It is time for Israel to arrest, charge and convict these left wing terrorist.