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Yachimovich perturbed by phrase ‘May God avenge their blood’

MK Shelly Yachimovich urges Twitter followers to castigate centrist, leftist politicians for using the traditional phrase


Yachimovich perturbed by phrase ‘May God avenge their blood’

MK Shelly Yachimovich urges Twitter followers to castigate centrist, leftist politicians for using the traditional phrase


By Hezki Ezra

First Publish: 1/5/2016, 9:30 AM

Shelly Yachimovich

Shelly Yachimovich
Flash 90

MK Shelly Yachimovich (Zionist Union) is not impressed by the attempts of Knesset Members Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) and Yitzhak Herzog (Zionist Union) to garner favor among more traditional communities by adding the words, “May God avenge his blood” to the names of those killed in last week’s terror attacks.

Yachimovich wrote on twitter, “Yesterday I heard Yair Lapid use the term “May God avenge his blood”, today I heard Yitzhak Herzog throw the phrase out as well. I don’t believe it. It is simply inappropriate. People relax. The situation is difficult enough as it is.”

Yesterday Herzog paid his respects to the family of slain terror victim Alon Bakal, who was killed during last Friday’s terror attack. He then wrote on his own Twitter feed: “I’m just leaving the house of mourning of the Bakal family who is mourning their son Alon, may God avenge his blood. I came to comfort them, but I leave comforted and excited. May his memory be blessed.”

Lapid likewise has made an effort to attach the words to the names of those slain in attacks. Following the capture of the terrorists who murdered Rabbi Eitam and Na’ama Henkin, Lapid wrote on Facebook: “I salute the security forces on capturing the terrorist cell that is responsible for the death of Eitam and Na’ama Henkin, may God avenge their blood. They are there, in the field, risking their lives each day in order to protect the citizens of the state of Israel.


So I am sure 100% you don;t want the security force to avenge their blood. For sure G-D forbid average citizens do it for that would mean they own guns and we know you don’t want that.

So when the good guys kill a terrorist, why don’t you be more honest with yourself and Am Israel and go sit in morning for the dead terrorist,


Swiss Army Chief Warns Of Social Unrest, Calls Upon Citizens To Arm Themselves

Tyler Durden's picture

Swiss army chief André Blattmann warned, in a Swiss newspaper article on Sunday, the risks of social unrest in Europe are soaring. Recalling the experience of 1939/1945, Blattman fears the increasing aggression in public discourse is an explosively hazardous situation, and advises the Swiss people to arm themselves and warns that the basis for Swiss prosperity is “being called into question.”

As Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reports, speaking on the record for the first time since the November Paris terror attacks, Blattmann told the paper that despite a rise in security incidents over the past two years Switzerland’s means of defence were being reduced.

The situation is growing increasingly risky, Blattman begins.

“The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions.”

Blattmann: “Social unrest can not be ruled out”, the vocabulary in public discourse will “dangerously aggressive.”

“The mixture is increasingly unappetizing” Blattmann sees the basis of Swiss prosperity, “has long been once again called into question.”

He recalls the situation around the two world wars in the last century and advises Switzerland, to arm themselves.

The Swiss Armed Forces had held many years ago maneuver, in which the starting point was focused on social unrest in Europe.

*  *  *

Swiss politicians, of course, responded with disbelief to the army chief and hold his warnings are exaggerated.

I have to say good for him, the Swiss military has always been switched on. Their weapons handling across the board is far superior to the average IDF combat soldier.

Left- Right -Shabak


Professor Amiram Goldblum of Hebrew University after the passing of the NGO bill on Sunday called  Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked “neo-Nazi scum” on his Facebook page .

A law that is a joke was passed in Israel.

The left is upset because it goes too far.

Really it only says NGO’s that get 50% or more of their funding from other countries have to make this public knowledge.

How about we grow some courage and act like Putin for once earlier this month he outlawed all organizations associated with the self hating Jew who happens to be a radical liberal.

Why doesn’t Israel out law all pro Palestinian groups, all groups that seek to tarnish the image of Israel and her soldiers?


Why doesn’t Israel do this, because we have no iron willed leaders and no right wing.



But the Shabak is very good at producing Potemkin Facades that make the right look terrible.

They are working to cover their tracks by arresting the bride groom and others.

I do not for a second think the people acting in such a sick way at the wedding were regular settlers. I think Shabak under cover agents provided the props and whipped up the crowd.

I am Back

Many people have requested I return to blogging.

So here I am.

It has been almost a year that I have not blogged, the world has not become a better place in that year.

ISIL has grown into a threat, and Jews are being knifed and run over in Israel.

Americans have now been murdered by indigenous Muslims.

The leaders of both countries refuse to under stand the answer to the internal security threat from Muslims, is basically the same in both countries.

The people need the freedom to arm themselves. Two or three armed people that were trained would have made a huge difference in the terror attack in California.

Israel has sunk to the point of arresting and torturing Jewish minors, over the Duma arson case  An incident the authorities know did not involve Jews. But was clan warfare among the Arabs.

I have been working on building a new business, which I will get into later.

Givati reservists: Don’t open criminal probe against Rafah battle officers

In letter to Chief IDF Prosecutor, alumni officers and combat soldiers say such investigation into events of August 1st battle will deter officers from doing what they must do during combat.
Yoav Zitun

Three days after Ynet revealed audio recordings from the fateful battle in Rafah in which Sec.-Lt. Hadar Goldin was killed and kidnapped by Hamas, Givati Brigade reservist officers and fighters published a letter on Friday that they intend to send to the Chief Military Prosecutor, urging him not to open a criminal investigation against officers who took part in the fighting that day.



“We are reservist officers and soldiers, alumni of the Givati reconnaissance battalion serving in active reserve duty in combat IDF units. We are following reports in the media with concern, which say that the Military Prosecutor is considering opening a criminal investigation into officers from the Givati reconnaissance battalion over the events that occured in the battle in Rafah on August 1st,” they wrote.


August 1: Smoke over Rafah after the IDF's bombardment (Photo: EPA)
August 1: Smoke over Rafah after the IDF’s bombardment (Photo: EPA)


The Rafah battle was documented in audio recordings in which the officers can be heard charging the terrorists, trying to take over a Hamas training camp and repeatedly attacking the mosque that housed the terror tunnel’s exit until reaching the conclusion that Goldin was no longer alive.


צילום: דובר צה”ל, יואב זיתון, וצלמי ynet, הדמיית תלת-מימד: ענבל גרוסמן, עריכה: נגה מימראן

Yoav Zitun / Inside Hannibal Directive and Rafah’s Black Friday



In those critical hours – from the moment of the Hamas ambush that led to the kidnapping until noontime – the IDF carried out the Hannibal Directive. The Palestinians claim the fire power that was used, mostly air and artillery fire, included hundreds of shells and bombs fired indiscriminately, leading to the deaths of dozens of non-combatant Palestinians, and hundreds more being wounded.


“From our personal knowledge, and from our familiarity with the values on which the battalion troops are brought up, we are absolutely certain that the fighters of the battalion and the brigade acted with professionalism, responsibility and morality during battle, while showing extraordinary bravery in an effort to rescue the kidnapped officer and while exchanging fire with the enemy. All actions made that day by the officers were made in order to uphold one of the IDF’s most important values, which states we don’t leave wounded soldiers in the field.”



The letter
The letter


According to the officers and fighters, “opening an investigation constitutes a serious violation of the IDF soldiers’ ethical code. This is a dangerous precedent that will have serious consequences for army commanders in the future who will be wary of doing what they must do in similar situations out of fear of lawsuits. The possibility that officers who led the battalion fighters with bravery while facing a real life-threatening situation will find themselves in a criminal investigation over actions made during battle is outrageous and concerning.”


“Furthermore, we’re concerned about the message sent and long-term consequences of breaking the delicate trust between enlisted soldiers, reservists and officers to the IDF and the State of Israel that sends them to the frontline while risking their lives. We will use our democratic freedom to put public pressure, as intense as possible, in order to make our position known.”


The letter was also posted on the Facebook page of the Fox Foundation, an NGO that devotes its activity for Givati soldiers and veterans.


The authors of the letter intend to collect signatures over the weekend and send it to the IDF Military Prosecutor next week.


Let me be 100% clear, I don’t care how many civilians were killed.

If they had to kill every civilian in Gaza to try to get this soldier back, no problem.

The IDF has become PC and reckless with the lives of our sons’, both on the battlefield and off the battlefield where are sons’ now must worry about being prosecuted for doing their job.

War Criminals sit in offices with AC

Hannibal Directive: Exclusive tapes reveal details of IDF’s Black Friday

Ynet obtains recordings of internal IDF communication after kidnapping of Givati Brigade officer Lt. Hadar Goldin as military police decides on whether to pursue criminal case against officers.
Yoav Zitun


Take a look inside the IDF’s Hannibal Directive and the events leading up the capture and death of Givati Battalion Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, one of the IDF’s heros during Israel’s 50 day war with Hamas. Ynet has obtained footage which has never before been or seen heard of the events of August 1st, which has become known as Black Friday.



Four months after Sec.-Lt. Hadar Goldin was captured (and later killed) during Operation Protective Edge, and only days ahead of the Chief Military Prosecutor’s decision on whether to launch a criminal investigation into the conduct of the IDF officers who led the pursuit after the captive soldier in Rafah, audio recordings from the IDF’s communication system obtained by Ynet shed light on the dramatic moments of that fateful Friday morning.


צילום: דובר צה”ל, יואב זיתון, וצלמי ynet, הדמיית תלת-מימד: ענבל גרוסמן, עריכה: נגה מימראן

Yoav Zitun / Inside Hannibal Directive and Rafah’s Black Friday



The recordings shed light into a dramatic event in which Sec.-Lt. Goldin was captured by Hamas operatives and taken into a Hamas tunnel after a fire fight broke out between IDF tropps and Hamas cell operatives as the IDF was patrolling the area for terror tunnels.


Givati Battalion Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin
Givati Battalion Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin


The audio recordings provide a harrowing account of the officers engaging the terrorists, attempting to capture a Hamas base, and repeatedly attacking the mosque in which the terror tunnel ended – until reaching the conclusion that Sec.-Lt. Goldin was no longer alive.


In those critical hours – from the moment of the encounter which led to Sec.-Lt. Goldin’s capturing at 9:16am and until midday – the IDF implemented the Hannibal Directive which states that at the time of a capture of an IDF soldier the main mission becomes ending the kidnapping – even if that means injury to Israeli soldiers, including the one captured.


The Hannibal Directive allows commanders to take whatever action is necessary to prevent a situation where Israel is forced to negotiate with captors, including endangering the life of a captured soldier, to foil the capture.


The commanders in charge of the operation, who could be targeted by a military police investigation, were Lieutenant Colonel Eli Gino (commander of Givati’s reconnaissance company) and Colonel Ofer Vinter (Givati Brigade’s commander).



Colonel Ofer Winter (Photo: Dana Copel)
Colonel Ofer Winter (Photo: Dana Copel)


Under the command of Lt. Col. Gino were two company commanders and a senior officer: Captain Shmuel Bitran, in charge of the engineering company; Major David Chen, in charge of a specialized anti-tank company; and, Major Nir Ben-Hemo – the officer who took command of the company at the height of the fighting, replacing Benaya Sarel who was killed in the initial incident.


Major Ben-Hemo was called up from his university studies to serve as the battalion commander’s second deputy.


Palestinians claim that the bombing that ensued as part of the Hannibal Directive, primarily from the air and from artillery units, included hundreds of shells and bombs that were fired recklessly and caused the deaths of dozens of innocent Palestinians and the wounding of hundreds more.

Lieutenant Colonel Eli Gino (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Lieutenant Colonel Eli Gino (Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)


A month and a half after Sec.-Lt. Goldin’s capture and death, the commanders – Gino, Chen, and Ben-Hemo – told Ynet in a special interview that their conscience was clear and they were not worried of an investigation as they had operated according to the orders they received for such an incident.


“There was no recklessness and we only attacked suspicious targets. I am proud of my soldiers and their conduct,” insisted Lt. Col. Gino.


The audio recordings were published with permission from the IDF censor, and they raise several questions:


1. Reckless behavior or not?

So far, military police investigations have been launched into the deaths of some 50 Palestinian civilians. The inquiries will examine whether negligence or rash decision-making on the part of the commanders led to those casualties.


IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz told Ynet that none of the cases investigated (until the Jewish holidays) had found evidence that forces operated maliciously. In the current case, Lt. Col. Gino is heard repeatedly ordering his forces to “stop shooting.”


Massive fire of this type, spread over 4 to 5 hours of fighting (“a decisive, aggressive assault, to assure we do not have a 2nd Gilad Shalit,” said Major Chen) in rural and urban areas, whose residents were not warned ahead of time to evacuate, could be found as justified by the Chief Military Prosecutor given the special circumstances – halting the capture of a living soldier at almost any cost: a difficult but clear mission which the forces were ordered to undertake by the military leadership and, possibly, the political echelons.


This hot potato has been on the desk of MAG Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni for more than a month, after an IDF investigatory team finished its probe.


2. Uncertainty on the battlefield?

In the first few minutes after the kidnapping the brigade’s commanders believed that the company’s commander was moving in a relatively-dense formation, as planned, which included six soldiers. The brigade’s senior staff only discovered that the unit had split into two groups further into the investigation.


A series of technical mishaps which the soldiers experienced while under fire (like a critical tool to locate tunnels which malfunctioned) testify to the difficulties with which the forces had to cope with in real time.


The reliance of ground forces on artillery support

The recordings clearly present the return to prominence of the armored corps during Operation Protective Edge. In one of the cases heard in the recordings, the tanks were asked to provide cover fire for Lt. Eitan Pond, the deputy commander of the reconnaissance company, after he came under enemy fire.


Lt. Eitan Fund (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)
Lt. Eitan Fund (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)


In conversations with the commanders of Givati and Golani commanders before the incident and after the operation, infantry officers admitted there were few face-to-face battles with Hamas militants throughout the ground campaign – and that almost every target was captured after preemptive shelling by the armored corps.


As Military Police consider whether to pursue criminal case for the IDF soldiers involved in carrying out the Hannibal Directive on that fateful August day, in Israel it is still widely believed that negotiations between Israel and Hamas to return the body of Lieutenant Goldin, which was never found, are still ongoing.


I will name the criminals, Bibi, Chief of Staff of the IDF, Military Police for even investigating this incident.

Let me not forget the one man that could put an end to this immediately, President Rvilin needs to issue pardons to all those being investigated.

This incident and hundreds more like that are not so dramatic are the reason, I have come to the painful conclusion.

The IDF no longer deserves our sons’.

The most patriotic thing a parent can do right now is to organize a group that refuses to send their sons’ to IDF service. If parents were to band together and IDF recruitment was down 40%, 50%, 60% the IDF would have to change.


Instead of eating our own the IDF would go back to protecting our own.

For those few hours which is now under investigation because we have hellenist leaders the IDF fought a war as it should have been fought from the first second the war started.


Here is the link so you can watch the video



US finds Israel fourth most “unacceptable” country

Foreign Policy article examines number of times state department referred to “unacceptable” behavior this year; Israel ranked between North Korea and Pakistan.
Yitzhak Benhorin

The US State Department described Israeli actions as “unacceptable” 87 times in 2014, with only three countries being more “unacceptable,” according to a Foreign Policy article published last week.



Journalist Micah Zenko searched the State Department’s website for usage of the term, and his “top ten” list shows Israel sandwiched right between North Korea and Pakistan. Zenko pointed that the US officials regularly use the phrase “but then do very little in response to prevent or deter those actions from reoccurring.”


Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the US State Department. (Archive Photo: AFP)
Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the US State Department. (Archive Photo: AFP)


Most of the condemnations relating to Israel involved building in settlements or the announcement of plans to construct additional housing behind the Green Line. Government spokespeople also castigated Israel for civilian casualties during Operation Protective Edge.


US Secretary of State John Kerry recently used the “unacceptable” label to refer to North Korea’s alleged hacking of the Sony Corporation.


The US State Department is not the only entity in the international diplomacy arena that tends to recycle certain phrases. Ynet found that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon used the word “concerned” 140 times in 2014 in statements responding to events. Israel and Palestine were the most concerning places of 2014, with 19 press releases using the term.


Idiots, both the State Department and the U.N.

Israel between N. Korea where it’s citizens have to eat grass to survive and Pakistan where murdering girls in school is a national pastime, maybe even more loved than cricket.


Israel and the Palestinians are the most concerning places in the world.


How about the civil war in Syria, that has killed more people on both sides  than all the wars and terrorism   in the last 100 years in Israel.

What about the Sudan, Congo?

Remember how the UN ordered it’s troops in place in Rawanda, to do nothing to stop the slaughter

The world would be a better place without the State Department and the UN.